トルコ・エディルネで出会ったロマ(ジプシー)の祝祭での彼らの踊りに衝撃を受けNourah, Mishaal, Sema Yildizに師事。
 Fuji Rock Festival、Tokyo Idol Festivalなど様々なイベント、MVや短編映画への出演、アーティストの振付など多岐に渡り活動。

INDIA is a dancer based in Tokyo.
She started learning classic ballet from 3, but fell in love with the world of oriental dance when she encountered Roma people dancing at Roma’s spring celebration in Edirne, a little old town in Turkey, and devoted herself to it ever since.   She started working as professional oriental dancer from 2013 and began creating her own pieces. She also works on merging the elements from Japanese ethics to the dance, creating new art form in collaboration with kimono designers and classical Japanese musicians.
  She gives performances in various occasions in Japan such as Fuji Rock Festival, Tokyo Idol Festival, Arabian Nights by Hilton, as well as in Music Videos, TV programs, etc. She has performed in France, Turkey, Korea, Monaco, and China. She was invited as an official performer for "WORLD PEACE NIGHT CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2017”.
In 2014 she won the special prize for “Miss.iD” , a contest for new talent held by the biggest Japanese publish company Kodansha.